The spirit of Rock 'n Roll is in the air, and has been given Martin Endl the strength of Little Richard, the flash of Jimi Hendrix, and the handsome looks of Keith Richards! After a sometime leave of absence due to illness, Martin has been able to participate on stage!
At first, he sang "Give Me an Answer" at the Rockover Fest in Hr

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2007-07-29 10:42:23
June 25th, 2006. We had a great concert yesterday evening at the Annual "Southern Rock Festival" at the Old Flour Mill in Hrmenin, Czech Republic. This festival lasts for two days and bands play all day and evening. There are Rebel flags hanging throughout the grounds and many people are wearing rebel flag shirts and bandanas. During the festival, the dixie flag is raised and "Old Dixie" is played on the PA system while everyone sings and salutes. It's really amazing that this festival is held and this ritual done each year in a small village in the Czech Republic. The people who attend this festival really know their southern rock and it is an honor for each band that is invited to play. We were the headliners this year and this visit marks our 4th year in a row to receive an invitation. As usual, the southern atmosphere was fantastic and the people very friendly and festive. There was a good turnout this year and although it was hot as hell, everyone enjoyed the bands that played and in turn, the bands thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This festival is for true music fans, which means the bands really have an attentive and appreciative audience. This type of audience is what all bands dream of having and really love to play for. Thanks to all in attendance and we can't wait to see you again next year! The South will rise again!

2007-07-29 10:41:48
June 8th, 2006. Singer from THE CELL, David Gore, was a guest on the largest rock station in the Czech Republic, Radio Beat, for the program "Ears" (June 7th). On this program, 10 songs are secretly selected and played. Each song must be identified and commented upon by the guest. David achieved a success rate of 50 percent but we must say, some older Czech music groups were in the selection and this threw him off a bit. In any case, he communicated well in Czech and it was a fun-filled program. At the end of the program the song "The Blues Never Stops", from THE CELL's new CD "Are You Ready", was played.

2007-07-29 10:41:19
May 16th, 2006. Our new CD can now be purchased for everyone living outside of Europe at CD Baby. Just click on the "Buy CD" icon in the left hand corner of our webpage and then click on the CD Baby link. You will be taken directly to the page where you can puchase the CD.

2007-07-29 10:40:20
May 16th, 2006. Sorry that this news is arriving a little late. We had the christianing of our new CD, "Are You Ready", at the Vagon Rock Club in Prague on April 30th. There was a large turnout of people and everyone had a great time. The Pavla Kapitanova band kicked off the evening and really warmed up the crowd before The Cell took the stage. After our first three songs, our three godfathers for the christianing, legendary Czech guitarist Radim Hladik, DJ Pavel Malus from Radio Beat and Slavek "Lemon Nashville" Purkrabek rushed the stage and made sure that our new CD, as well as the entire floor and David's microphone, were all well drenched with champaign! The evening was a big success and we would like to thank everyone who showed up for the show.

2007-07-29 10:39:48
March 18th, 2006. The official party and christianing of our new CD "Are You Ready" will be on Sunday evening, April 30th at Club Vagon in the Metro Palace on Narodni street. Our guest will be the Pavla Kapitanova Band and the "Godfathers" of the christianing will be legendary Czech guitarist Radim Hladik and DJ from Radio Beat, Pavel Malus.

2007-07-29 10:39:19
April 16th, 2006. This past weekend was the first "International Southern Rock Easter Evening", held at Lidovy Dum in Kbely (part of Prague). It was a fantastic evening of great music and great bands. In addition to THE CELL, German southern rockers LIZARD, Italian southern rockers VOODOO LAKE and Czech southern rockers MBA BAND were on the bill. All bands enjoyed themselves, played some cool southern rock music and all the fans who in attendance were very happy with the evening. There could be a second "Southern Rock" evening later on this year but details are still being sorted out. If it will be held, this website will be the first to communicate it.

2007-07-29 10:38:49
April 12th, 2006. This past weekend, Radio Beat (the largest rock station in the Czech Republic) had a "Southern Rock Weekend". The Cell's singer and guitarist, David Gore, was a special guest on both Saturday and Sunday and prepared 100 songs for this special event. Since he is from Louisiana and has southern rock "in his blood", he was asked by Radio Beat to prepare the songs, comment on the music and give background information on the bands. It was quite a successful weekend and was the first time that any major media outlet in the Czech Republic had featured southern rock. Many older and newer southern rock groups were introduced and for many of these bands, this was their first taste of the Czech airwaves. Hopefully, these fantastic groups and the southern rock style of music have a few new fans!

2007-07-29 10:37:16
April 4th, 2006. Tickets for the the "International Southern Rock Easter Festival", held in Prague, can be purchased at the website for 185 crowns (about $8). The price of the tickets at the door will be more expensive so if you plan on attending, jump to ticket portal and buy 'em!


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