The spirit of Rock 'n Roll is in the air, and has been given Martin Endl the strength of Little Richard, the flash of Jimi Hendrix, and the handsome looks of Keith Richards! After a sometime leave of absence due to illness, Martin has been able to participate on stage!
At first, he sang "Give Me an Answer" at the Rockover Fest in Hr

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2007-11-22 18:58:52

September, 2007.  Although we were only scheduled to play three outdoor festivals and one private party in September, we only played two days!

 The first two festivals and private party we were scheduled play were all organized on the same day and many miles apart!  This long day started with our  first festival, called „Berounske Letorosty“ in the city of Beroun (near Prague).  We were the first band to play that day and immediately after playing, we broke down the equipment, loaded the van and headed out to a private party in Stara Boleslav.  After playing at this party for a few hours, we broke down the equipment, loaded up again and headed to Teplice for a Southern Rock Festival where we were slated to play at midnight.  We made it to the last concert on time but just minutes after arriving the electricty went out and the festival had to be cancelled.  We couldn’t believe it!  We really wanted to make a three concerts in one day record but luck was not on our side.  Although we logged a lot of miles that day, we had a good ole time at the first two events.  And even though we were not able to play the last festival that evening, we were at least able to meet up with our friends The MBA Band and some of the diehard southern rock music fans in attendance.  This was definitely a day and night to remember!

2007-11-22 18:48:15

In August 2007, we played three outdoor festivals.  The first was in Lednice, Czech Republic and was called the „Vl?í Hora 2007 Festival“.  There was a good turnout of people and we had a blast.  Also playing for this concert were the Czech bands Kabát, Krücipusk and Škwor.  The second was the 9th Annual Musician Harvest Festival in Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic.  We had a great time for this festival and had a very warm welcome from all of the people in attendance.  Although it was a long trip to get to this festival, it was well worth it.  The third concert, and closer to home, was held in David’s hometown of Mnichovice, Czech Repbulic.  The 2nd Annual Rockovani Festival had a lot of people in attendance and we really had a good time playing for the people in this area, which is called „Laduv Kraj“ (Laduv region).  It was a well-organized festival and the fans really treated us well.  Also playing for this festival was the Viktkovo Quartet, who we will tour with for the Radio Beat Party Tour in January and February 2008 (details listed later on in this update).

2007-10-28 20:40:32
August 17th, 2007. We've just returned from Pontevedra, Spain where we played at the "Night of Rock" Outdoor Festival. We had a fantastic time and we really enjoyed seeing our friends "Sugar Mountain" ( Although the weather was less than perfect, it was still a blast to play for the first time in Spain. The festival was very professionally organized and we really enjoyed seeing Sugar Mountain play live, as well as the excellent Spanish band "Los Deltonos" and Spanish legends "Burning". All of the bands that were invited for this festival put on good shows and played some great music. The festival was held in the center of Pontevedra and the stage was massive. The P.A. and lighting were perfect. All around, a memorable experience and good 'ole time!

2007-10-28 20:39:58
August 12th, 2007. We have a bunch of new photos in the "concert photo gallery" of the web page. Photos are from our concert in June at the Old Mlejn Flour Mill, in the Czech Republic, where we were the headliners for the Southern Rock Festival. There are also photos from our July concert at Folimanka Hall in Prague, Czech Republic when we opened for John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.

2007-10-28 20:39:40
August 7th, 2007. We have a very busy schedule this week and next week. This Friday evening, August 10th we will play an outdoor festival in Zerotin, Czech Republic and on Saturday, August 11th we will be the headliners for an outdoor concert in Otrokovice, Czech Republic. On Monday, August 13th we will fly to Pontevedra, Spain to play an outdoor rock concert and return on Wednesday. And finally on Saturday, August 18th we will play TWO outdoor music festivals. One in Letnice, Czech Republic and one in Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic. Now THAT should be interesting. Especially for David's voice! News from all to follow....

2007-10-28 20:39:14
July 30th, 2007. Our concert at the gigantic Benatska Night Outdoor Music Festival in Mala Skala, Czech Republic was a night to remember. There were more than 30,000 people in attendance and one of the main acts there was Suzi Quatro. We played on the Green Stage at 11:00 on Saturday evening, July 28th. Although the weather was not the best it could have been, there were still a HUGE amount of people there and a great atmosphere. We hope to attend this festival next year since it is one of the best and biggest festivals in the Czech Republic.

2007-10-28 20:38:42
July 25th, 2007. Our concert last night with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers was absolutely fantastic! There were more than 2,000 people in attendance and the hall was filled with excitement. The stage and sound system were first-rate. We took the stage at 8pm and played for 45 minutes. Crowd reaction was some of the best we've experienced and this performance stands out as one of our best. A perfect "first concert" for Martin. He did great.

2007-10-28 20:38:14
July 22nd, 2007. Our new guitarist, Martin Endl, will making his debut with The Cell this coming Thursday evening, July 24th. We will be playing with English blues legend "John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers" at Folimanka Hall in Prague. Poor Martin. This is a sold-out concert with about 2,000 or so people in audience. We are sure that Martin is up to the task but it will certainly be a "nerve-wracking" experience!


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