The spirit of Rock 'n Roll is in the air, and has been given Martin Endl the strength of Little Richard, the flash of Jimi Hendrix, and the handsome looks of Keith Richards! After a sometime leave of absence due to illness, Martin has been able to participate on stage!
At first, he sang "Give Me an Answer" at the Rockover Fest in Hr

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2008-08-13 21:28:33
After three weeks with no concerts, we will be starting back up with a bang! Two concerts on Saturday, August 16th. The first concert will be at the outdoor festival Trnkobrani, which is a huge outdoor festival held in Vzovice. After this performance, we will have a very long ride to the outdoor music festival in Frydek Mistek, which is near the border of Germany. But we don’t mind. We’ll be traveling in style in Pepa’s new Winnebago. Let’s go!

2008-07-27 21:23:42
Our concert travels across the Czech and European countryside has now taken on a whole new meaning. Our favorite driver Pepa (OK, our only driver) has just purchased a new Winnebago. With a kitchen, shower, bathroom, table, bench seating and a TV, our trips will be made in unbeatable comfort. 

Our concerts this weekend started on Friday, when we played together with Olympic at Maly Hrastice. We will remember this concert for a long time to come. Not only for the great reception by the fans but also because of our luxurious dressing room and catering. Absolutely fanatastic!   We love you Hrastice!

On Saturday, we had a double dish of concerts. We first traveled to Zivanice where we played at the outdoor arena. After this concert, we had to quickly make a break for our next concert that evening which was a Motorcyle Club event. When we arrived a very young power trio (16 – 18 years old) were playing on stage and were absolutely ROCKING THE HOUSE! We were blown away! We took the stage afterwards and had a great time playing. A huge stage and we everyone in the band agreed afterwards, the loudest monitoring on stage EVER. Our ears were ringing all the way back home. But boy o‘ boy, we ROCKED!

2008-07-23 21:13:59
This past weekend with legendary Czech rock group „Olympic“ was very eventful. We drove a total of 1,237 kilometers, played four concerts, celebrated Milan’s birthday and our new practice room at Milan’s was finally finished.

Friday – concert at the Buchlovice Castle. We traveled to Moravia to play a concert at the castle bar and arrived in enough time to set-up and enjoy the Moravian atmosphere. Atmosphere = Moravian wine and laid back atmosphere of Moravia. The concert was a success. Many local musicians attended and we had a great time talking with them after the concert. We look forward to making a trip back.

Wild and Wooley Saturday

Part 1: We traveled to Susice to play at the Sumaca Rocks Outdoor Festival. This is the hometown of guitarist Martin. The weather was fantastic and the Festival was held on the island Santos. We were the second band to play, taking the stage at 3 p.m. Martin was able to address his hometown from the stage and had a great reception from his friends and family. After playing, we had to hoof it to make it across the country (164 kilometers) to our next concert with Olympic in Stribrne Skalice.   Singing Czech folk songs the whole way, we were thoroghly warmed up when we arrived. 

Part 2: Stribrne Skalice is the home of Olympic and it was absolutely packed! The audience was fantastic and we consider this the best concert of our lengthy tour with Olympic. 

Sunday: We made our last trip of the weekend to Rumburk to play an open air concert with Olympic. For this concert, we stayed to watch the whole Olympic concert and really enjoyed ourselves. It was great to see the masters play.

2008-07-17 21:12:27
You can check out the new section of our photogallery where the photos are grouped together for each concert or festival. We also have a new section of our photo gallery where we are together with music celebrity’s. Leos and Pepa with Joe Satriani and Stuart Hamm.  And Martin having a conversation with Buddy Whittington.

2008-07-09 18:33:38
July 9th. Talk about a successful concert in Trtenice u Jicina.  The next day two of our new fans, Klara and Michaela, started the first „The Cell“ fan club.  You can find it at .  Thanks girls!

2008-07-08 18:27:46
July 8th. We played both nights this past weekend with Olympic.  On Friday, we played at the big Sports Center in Zabrehu na Morave.  It was an outdoor concert, and as we’ve seen with all previous concerts, it was absolutely packed!  The fans were fun and really enjoyed the music, as much as we did playing it!  This city is located in Moravia, which is what the eastern half of the Czech Republic is called (Bohemia is the western half).  Moravia specializes in an extremely potent plum brandy called  „Slivovice“.  Of course, while we were there we were again „forced“ to test it.
After this concert we all went to what can only be described as a „Musicians Dream House“.  It was in a small village in Moravia and was our bassist Leo’s first practice room.  Inside of this big old house, there were sound systems in every room, two of the biggest speakers we’ve ever seen, a big theatre hall for practicing/playing, a lot of old records, piano, old keyboard synthesiser from the 70‘s, acoustic guitars, sleeping quarters, bottles of booze and of course, no neighbors to complain about the noise late in the evening.  Paradise!
The following Saturday evening we played an outdoor concert with Olympic in the park of Trtenice u Jicin.  The park was full of music fans and after playing, we got to meet some of our new fans and sign our CD’s for them.  Great concert!

2008-06-30 18:26:52
June 30th. For the fifth year in a row we played the „Southern Rock Outdoor Festival“ in Mlejn Hrmenin, Czech Republic.  This is the premier Southern Rock festival in the country and has a long history.  As always, the atmosphere was fantastic and the fans are the best a band could hope for.  We played together again with our friends The MBA Band and Blue Rocket.  It’s always great to see all of our friends at this festival.  For this concert, we tried something new.  We played an acoustic set to lead off our set and then poured the juice on afterwards with some heavy electricity!  And we do mean some heavy electricity.  A few minutes after we finished, a fuse blew and the whole festival went dark! NOW THAT’S ROCK AND ROLL!

2008-06-15 18:25:45
June 15th.  This past Saturday evening we played at the „Slunovrat Rock Festival“, which was held at the summer theater in Revnice.  The MC of the festival was our friend Pavel Malus from Radio Beat.  Pavel was the one who organized and MC’d the Radio Beat Tour we had together with the Vitkovo Quartet earlier this year.  A full house for this festival and we loved playing there.


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